New client alert! Introducing: guns . Debut track: Ricochet. Premiere on Blah Blah Blah Science!

Introducing guns – a 24 year old singer-songwriter from Trondheim, Norway. Her debut track ‘Ricochet’ was premiered with Blah Blah Blah Science who described the track as follows: Debut track “Ricochet” matches dreamy neatly constructed production to already impressive songcraft (that chorus hook is something very serious indeed) and a broad, diffuse yet complementary, palette of influences including Kate Bush, Blood Orange and ABBA   Taken a listen now:  

Decca create philosophical interactive outdoor advertising campaign to launch new Melody Gardot album ‘Currency Of Man’

Decca Records UK today announced details of an innovative interactive outdoor advertising campaign: two unique outdoor billboards, each with a large free blank space where members of the public are invited to write messages and answer an important question posed by world renowned vocalist and songwriter Melody Gardot: “What is our worth? And how do we define it”? The billboards (located in Kensington and Loughborough Junction, London) have attracted hundreds of members of the public who have written messages and created illustrations, sharing their personal thoughts on the philosophical question, which inspired Melody’s new album, Currency of Man. Interestingly and perhaps surprisingly, entries have been predominantly sincere with one person writing: “Picking up those who fall” and stating humanities worth should be defined by “How We Care For Others”. The campaign also includes a microsite, designed to be an online space for people to answer the question “What is our worth”. It also features a selection of comments made on the physical billboard, making it a fully integrated multimedia campaign. The wider marketing campaign also features innovative fly posters, which are currently being distributed, featuring comments and contributions made by the public to the two billboards. Media advertising will feature full-page music magazine adverts, which differ significantly from traditional music industry advertising and instead focus on statements written by Melody Gardot highlighting the thought provoking message behind her new release.  The campaign also includes the creation of a Melody Gardot bank note, with plans in place for an exciting media moment using the new currency, to take place at a later point in the campaign. Plans are also in place for an international roll out of the marketing campaign across various key European and US territories, with content created by Melody and responses from the public already being translated into […]

Online Music PR 101 – Tip #3 – Be careful what you take on

Tip #3 – Online Music PR 101 – Be careful what you take on Some PRs try and keep the books balanced by taking on as many projects as possible. When I started D Digital I promised myself I wouldn’t take on anything that didn’t have musical merit, I didn’t like personally or if my workload was too high. It might seem like everything will be OK but it won’t. You won’t achieve any results as you won’t have any time to work the projects, or you won’t achieve any results as the artist is not in the position to gain coverage, or you aren’t the right person for the job. My view is: if your not excited about a project, don’t take it on. If you are too busy, don’t take it on. Your boss/bank manager might be pressuring you to bring in more cash, but it shouldn’t be at the cost to your career. D

Online Music PR 101 Blog – Tip #2 – Transparency

Tip #2 Transparency – a client told me recently that one of the reasons she liked working with me is that D Digital is transparent. It was a lovely compliment, but it is quite telling about how some online music PR’s operate. We are always honest. PR’s can have a reputation for bending the truth, but I think when it comes to your clients, you’ve got to tell it straight. If an artist is under performing, you need to communicate this, your on the pay roll to achieve results, but really a client is employing you for your experience and your contacts… I would council any online music PR professional, to keep your client in the loop… even if it’s not good news, if you communicate clearly in a timely fashion, and come up with solutions to problems, then they will trust and value the work you do. Tips: Keep reports detailed and on time. Don’t give them in late or with fuzzy detail Keep your client in the loop – don’t be afraid to call / email… some PRs don’t want to bother their clients too much, but they are paying you to bother them. Chase them, they want results and they don’t mind if you keep on them if you need answers in order to achieve results. Give them the bad news – bad news is hard to deliver sometimes, but if you have a plan and a solution in mind, then it shouldn’t be a problem for long D

Melody Gardot releases Preacherman video to raise awareness for The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, which educates young children about racism in the United States

Melody Gardot and the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation today announced they have created a powerful new video for Melody’s new track ‘Preacherman’ which features on her socially conscious new album ‘Currency Of Man’. Emmett was a 14-year-old black teenager in 1950’s America, whose racially motivated murder marked a landmark moment in the Civil Rights movement. The Preacherman video was created by Melody as a poetic tribute to Emmett’s story and will help raise awareness for the foundation, which works with young children in the US educating them about racism.   Watch the Preacherman video now on the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation website: Emmett’s family are heavily involved in the Preacherman project. The family learned that Melody planned to make a video to honour Emmett, when his cousin Dr. Edelia Carthan, known as Dr. Jay, saw an advert online looking for extras to take part in the video. Dr. Jay reached out to Melody, and featured as an actor in the video as well as working closely with Melody on the project as a whole. Together they created the hard-hitting video, filmed by director Calum Macdiarmid, produced by Great Guns and shot on location in Mississippi.   Melody stated: “The profound nature of our existence is that we are able at any moment to connect to anyone, anywhere. History is there to remind us of how far we’ve come, and every day our journey is to continue with that progress of becoming more wise, more compassionate and more considerate human beings. Remembering Emmett Till through song is a way to remind people that there is no need to continue with senseless crimes. Race and racism do no go hand in hand. We are only one race: human.”   Considered a flash point in the chain of events that sparked the civil rights movement, Emmett Till’s murder showed many the full brutality of racial prejudice in the United States, particularly due to the heroic approach of his mother, who made […]

Fezzee SXSW Launch

A successful launch for new client Fezzee, with pieces across key publications: T3, Hype Bot, Event Magazine and Music Ally! Press release:                                      

UK Country duo THE SHIRES make chart history

First British country band to hit the UK Official Albums Chart Top 10             In a ground-breaking chart first, The Shires – Crissie Rhodes and Ben Earle (from Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire) – have become the first British country band to reach the Top 10 in the Official UK Album Chart with their debut ‘Brave’, released this week.   The duo, who recently became the first UK signing to the re-launched Decca Nashville label, have today reached No.10 in the charts. Having overtaken Hozier, and just behind Paloma Faith, The Shires now sit comfortably alongside mainstream pop acts such as Kelly Clarkson, Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith.   Official Charts Company Chief Executive Martin Talbot, confirmed this unprecedented achievement, “This is a fantastic feat by this young British country duo. No country act has ever made this kind of impact on the chart before – it is truly remarkable.”   The Shires’ record-breaking chart position is further evidence of the current cultural shift of country music moving eastwards from Nashville. From Dolly Parton’s Pyramid Stage set at Glastonbury last summer, to the increasingly successful annual Country to Country Festival at The O2 (at which The Shires are performing four times this weekend), and the popularity of recent hit musical TV show ‘Nashville’, never before has the country music genre had such a following in this country. Young British artists are now identifying with country singers such as Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves, who have re-defined the genre by eradicating old stereotypes and appealing to a much younger audience.   BBC Radio 2’s Bob Harris comments on the phenomenon: “I’ve been doing the country show for 15 years now, and in the whole of that time I’ve never known things to be quite as exciting as they […]