Melody Gardot releases Preacherman video to raise awareness for The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation, which educates young children about racism in the United States

Melody Gardot and the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation today announced they have created a powerful new video for Melody’s new track ‘Preacherman’ which features on her socially conscious new album ‘Currency Of Man’. Emmett was a 14-year-old black teenager in 1950’s America, whose racially motivated murder marked a landmark moment in the Civil Rights movement. The Preacherman video was created by Melody as a poetic tribute to Emmett’s story and will help raise awareness for the foundation, which works with young children in the US educating them about racism.
Watch the Preacherman video now on the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation website:

Emmett’s family are heavily involved in the Preacherman project. The family learned that Melody planned to make a video to honour Emmett, when his cousin Dr. Edelia Carthan, known as Dr. Jay, saw an advert online looking for extras to take part in the video. Dr. Jay reached out to Melody, and featured as an actor in the video as well as working closely with Melody on the project as a whole. Together they created the hard-hitting video, filmed by director Calum Macdiarmid, produced by Great Guns and shot on location in Mississippi.
Melody stated: “The profound nature of our existence is that we are able at any moment to connect to anyone, anywhere. History is there to remind us of how far we’ve come, and every day our journey is to continue with that progress of becoming more wise, more compassionate and more considerate human beings. Remembering Emmett Till through song is a way to remind people that there is no need to continue with senseless crimes. Race and racism do no go hand in hand. We are only one race: human.”
Considered a flash point in the chain of events that sparked the civil rights movement, Emmett Till’s murder showed many the full brutality of racial prejudice in the United States, particularly due to the heroic approach of his mother, who made the extremely brave decision to have an open coffin at Emmett’s funeral, so as not to mask the full brutality of the crime.
The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation stated, “Melody Gardot’s tribute to the legacy of Emmett Till via the video, Preacher Man and song, helps to take each of us on an important emotional journey back in history. Preacher Man, sadly also raises our consciousness, as we witness the haunting tragedy of 14-year-old Emmett Till’s death on August 28, 1955. At the same time, Melody’s lyrics remind us of the many sons and daughters who, in more recent years have met a similar fate as Emmett…We must forgive to move forward, but we must never forget our history. The past is not past. We thank Melody for Preacher Man and for remembering Emmett Till with such a timely and emotionally touching tribute!”*
The choir vocals we hear on the track are uniquely sourced from Melody’s fans via Facebook, after Melody put out a personal request for fans to submit their vocal recordings for the choir section of the song. Melody then worked with a sound engineer to include hundreds of fan vocal takes on the final recording.
Watch the Preacherman video now on the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation website: 
Preacherman is out now, available to download here
For further information on the Preacherman video and Melody Gardot’s new album Currency Of Man, released: 1 June 2015 on Decca Records, visit: 

Notes to editors:
The Preacherman video will be available to view on the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation website on Thursday 23 April. 
*Full statement from the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation
Melody Gardot’s tribute to the legacy of Emmett Till via the video, Preacher Man and song, helps  to take each of us on an important emotional journey back in history. Preacher Man, sadly also raises our consciousness, as we witness the haunting tragedy of 14 year old Emmett Till’s death on August 28, 1955. At the same time, Melody’s lyrics remind us of the many sons and daughters who, in more recent years have met a similar fate as Emmett.  All have gone tragically and much too soon, but should never be forgotten.  The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation is especially honored as we enter a special time of remembrance, commemorating the 60 year anniversary of Emmett Till’s death and the courage of Emmett Till’s mother, Mamie Till Mobley. Emmett Till’s kidnapping, murder, open casket funeral along with the acquittal and later confession of the murderers shook the core of America and the world and is recognized as the impetus for the powerful civil rights movement.
The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation (lead by Co-Founder and Till family member/cousin, Deborah Watts) is continuing to build a bridge from the past to the present and future. Hoping to globally elevate our sense of humanity beyond the death of our innocence, our hope and the legacy of violence in the world today.  We are seeing the “hands on the clock” move backwards.  Today and into the future, as we are #RememberingEmmettTill and in the #SpiritofMamieTillMobley, we ask you to join us and unite with others to move those “hands on the clock” forward.  Too many sacrifices and achievements have been made to keep silent and allow our very existence to remain as it stands today. We must forgive to move forward, but we must never forget our history. The past is not past. We thank Melody for Preacher Man and for remembering Emmett Till with such a timely and emotionally touching tribute!
Watch and share this powerful video now….
The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation (ETLF), is a 501c3 non-profit organization established in 2005, to preserve the memory and legacy of 14 year old Emmett Louis Till (born July 25, 1941 and brutally murdered August 28, 1955 in Money, Mississippi, for whistling at a white women, Carolyn Bryant) and in honor of his mother Mamie Till Mobley.  Through E-TILL,  the Emmett Till Institute for Learning and Leadership, we are “Creating a Legacy of Hope” and “Building Bridges from the Past to the Present and Future”; by offering scholarships for higher education, creating and delivering programming, curriculum  and film screenings that educates and raises awareness of Emmett’s place in history and relevance today. We have a platform that allows for important intergenerational dialogue, the development of workable solutions to minimize the effects of racism and to effectively address issues facing youth today. ETLF also enhances and expands its work by collaborating with others on initiatives that inspire, expose, empower and equip youth, women and their families to achieve justice, know and exercise their rights, live long and healthier lives, achieve their fullest potential, for a better tomorrow. 
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100% of all income received by Decca from Vevo views of the “Preacherman” video will be paid through to the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation for the first year following initial UK release.

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