Online Music PR 101 – Tip #3 – Be careful what you take on

Tip #3 – Online Music PR 101 – Be careful what you take on

Some PRs try and keep the books balanced by taking on as many projects as possible. When I started D Digital I promised myself I wouldn’t take on anything that didn’t have musical merit, I didn’t like personally or if my workload was too high. It might seem like everything will be OK but it won’t. You won’t achieve any results as you won’t have any time to work the projects, or you won’t achieve any results as the artist is not in the position to gain coverage, or you aren’t the right person for the job.

My view is: if your not excited about a project, don’t take it on. If you are too busy, don’t take it on. Your boss/bank manager might be pressuring you to bring in more cash, but it shouldn’t be at the cost to your career.


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