Decca create philosophical interactive outdoor advertising campaign to launch new Melody Gardot album ‘Currency Of Man’


Decca Records UK today announced details of an innovative interactive outdoor advertising campaign: two unique outdoor billboards, each with a large free blank space where members of the public are invited to write messages and answer an important question posed by world renowned vocalist and songwriter Melody Gardot: “What is our worth? And how do we define it”?

The billboards (located in Kensington and Loughborough Junction, London) have attracted hundreds of members of the public who have written messages and created illustrations, sharing their personal thoughts on the philosophical question, which inspired Melody’s new album, Currency of Man.

Interestingly and perhaps surprisingly, entries have been predominantly sincere with one person writing: “Picking up those who fall” and stating humanities worth should be defined by “How We Care For Others”. The campaign also includes a microsite, designed to be an online space for people to answer the question “What is our worth”. It also features a selection of comments made on the physical billboard, making it a fully integrated multimedia campaign.

The wider marketing campaign also features innovative fly posters, which are currently being distributed, featuring comments and contributions made by the public to the two billboards. Media advertising will feature full-page music magazine adverts, which differ significantly from traditional music industry advertising and instead focus on statements written by Melody Gardot highlighting the thought provoking message behind her new release.  The campaign also includes the creation of a Melody Gardot bank note, with plans in place for an exciting media moment using the new currency, to take place at a later point in the campaign. Plans are also in place for an international roll out of the marketing campaign across various key European and US territories, with content created by Melody and responses from the public already being translated into several languages.

Decca Digital Marketing Manager Emilly Waller stated: “The campaign is designed to reflect Melody’s ‘reflective-collective’ thinking around the album and seek community through music. We wanted to create something that echoed this desire to provoke conversation and we are really pleased it has been so successful. By giving people the opportunity to think about their and our collective worth, we hope to attract awareness and encourage thought, not only about the album but about our current society and the different views within it.

Melody Gardot stated: “To me, the songs are questioning and also defining what it means to be alive. What is our worth, and how do we define it? Is it down to money? Is it down to legacy? Is it down to our own personal achievements on a daily basis? For this I mark the disc currency of man. This album is about our worth in this world, and how everyone no matter their status, or origins or color of their skin holds a purpose.” 

The label have also created a video to highlight the campaign’s key features:

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