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I thought it might be fun to start a online music PR blog – called online music PR 101. I’ve been working in online music PR for almost a decade now so picked up a few tips along the way… thought it was time to share

Online Music PR tip #1 – Read!

It amazes me still how little online PR’s read at the start of their career. Often I’ve asked interns how much they read the news and music blogs and they confess that they don’t, due to time. We are busy, working for our many clients, but our ability to spot opportunities for our clients, is intrinsically dependant on reading the news… a few tips to make the ingestion of the daily media avalanche easier to handle.

1. Sign up to an industry newsletter – the news sent to your inbox! How easy is that – ROTD, CMU, Music Ally, Music Week newsletter all have daily news stories which are a must a read for any online music PR.

2. Use feedly… news aggregation sites like feedly are great as you can┬álink with all your important music blogs and news sites and grab the headlines, focusing in on relevant stories to you that day

3. Read a paper – it’s easy to forget about the printed word as an online PR but make sure you pick up a paper regularly… there are often online opportunities to be found in print publications and a lot of writers, write for both these days so it’s important to make time for that too.


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